How To Get Online Business in Ottawa

Good Habets Inc recently went through Invest Ottawa’s Digital Main St. program – and we cannot say enough good things about it! 

Our team helped us polish our image and website, as well as worked on our business plan and our social media presence. We’ve taken a great leap forward thanks to their hard work! 

Check them out for your own business today!

What is Online Business?

For some, online business is having customers literally spending their money on your website! For many others, like Good Habets Inc, it’s getting potential customers to find out more about the business – and hopefully for them to reach out! This means that every company – from the solopreneur to the large corporation needs some sort of online presence. This allows your business to be noticed, collect reviews and attract new customers!

How To Get Business Online
Web Presence

Your first step to getting online business is building a web presence. Whether you’re in the business of Energy Efficiency, Coffee Mugs or Classic Cars, a website is a necessity in 2021. This doesn’t have to be fancy! Even just having a Facebook Business Page, or a free website from someone like Wix gives your business a starting point. These are easy to start! Click through the links and play around. This might take an hour or ten, but it’s very necessary!

Social Media and Google

Your social media presence does matter. No one needs to post daily, but having a page on the big platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Maps for most businesses) lends credibility and visibility to your business. Don’t be afraid to post occasional updates, or share/comment on other business’ posts.

Social Media
Contact Form!

Unless you have an online store, you need a way for your potential clients to contact you. The more ways the better! A contact us form on the website, listing your phone number and email address, accepting direct messages on your social media platforms – all of the above is the best option! Even adding WhatsApp contact info can help you get an additional customer. But don’t forget to make sure you’re notified of all of these settings!

Get Help

We can’t do everything by ourselves. If you need help, get it! Invest Ottawa has their Digital Mainstreet program running right now, and Good Habets Inc can’t recommend them enough. 

And, of course, Good Habets Inc is happy to help! Energy Efficiency and HVAC Engineering may be our business, but we want to be involved in the Ottawa business community, so feel free to contact us by form, email us at, call us or reach out to us on LinkedIn/Facebook


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