Modular Buildings – The Future?

The future of buildings is going to be more and more modular! What is modular?

Modular buildings, by our understanding, are buildings that are partially (or completely) premanufactured in factories and delivered to the building site, where it is put together much more quickly that a traditional building. Lots of people think of these as the trailer-home-style small houses, but that is NOT what we’re looking at now. Factory-built pieces supply luxury homes, apartment buildings and stores.

A lot of the modular buildings going up tend to be “affordable housing” – meaning they’re skipping the fancy finishes and custom touches. The great thing about using modular buildings for this application is that the build quality is consistently very good. The units will be solid, functional, and well designed.


What about your next project? Considering modular building for your build? 

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Some examples!

What about the mechanicals?

Depending on the build, the plumbing, electrical and ductwork/refrigeration lines may be pre-run by the manufacturer. These would then be connected to the equipment after installation. For example, a modular apartment complex may come with hot water supply lines installed in the walls, and a contractor will connect the boiler and the radiators on site. Or the duct work will be there for an ERV, and the units will be connected post-construction.


Good Habets can ensure your boiler, ERV, air handlers, cooling system… etc… are all right-sized for your building, and will provide continued value through efficient operation.

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