New Tool – Rebate Finder for Ottawa!

Rebates, Grants and loans, Oh My!

You’re probably hoping to find out what you might qualify for in terms of all of the newly (or not yet fully!) announced rebates from NRCan, IESO, City of Ottawa, Enbridge… and more. And trust me, this is not a small task. So why not let Good Habets Inc do it for you… for free?

We are experts at getting money back for your energy efficiency project, and we’re more than happy to peel back the onion to get at what you need to know. Check out the new service at this page! We’ll cover mobile homes through factories.

That page also includes a few charts that you can navigate yourself, including links to the programs, if that’s what you prefer.

Don’t forget to join us, OSLA and the City of Ottawa at our info session tomorrow, June 16th, at 6:30 PM. Calendar Event Here.

Grants are great – and you should apply for them! But Good Habets Inc is most excited for the loans coming up from NRCan and the City of Ottawa.

$40k interest free from NRCan and 10% of the home value from the City is HUGE for homeowners and small landlords alike. More details on these in the future, or at the OSLA event above!

We’re making real progress towards reducing our energy footprint, now let’s pound down the (electric) pedal!


Don’t forget to Contact Us, see our Energy Auditing and Engineering services, and keep an eye on this page and our Socials for more information about our upcoming residential work with Envirocentre!

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