What does Working With Good Habets Inc Look Like?

If you call us, what happens next?

We realize that a lot of our potential customers don’t have a good concept of what happens if they’re working with us on their commercial/multifamily building. To fix that, let’s break it down! Skip to the topic you would like.

Utilities Review (Energy Audits)

You’re concerned your utility bills are out-of-whack, you’re tired of giving profits to Hydro Ottawa, or you just want to take advantage of our 6-month energy audit. So you called or emailed Good Habets – what now? 

Good Habets will take details on your property – size, location, what utility bills you pay. More importantly, we’ll ask what you are concerned about in the property. Then we’ll provide you with a maximum price for the utility review and send you the legal stuff.

Once confirmed, we’ll ask for copies of your utility bills for 2 years – or as long as you have access to. We’ll happily help get these from the Enbridge, Municipality or Hydro websites.  Good Habets will also schedule a time to send an energy auditor to your property, and they will walk through with someone from your organization to look for energy savings. Expect lots of pictures, and questions about things like comfort, fan noise and company operations. 

After the walkthrough, Good Habets may have some follow up questions by phone or email. Shortly afterwards, expect a completed draft report that will include suggested changes and their costs/benefits. We’ll review these suggestions by phone or video call with you, and provide a final report afterwards. Included in this final report will be a calculation of the savings expected in the next 6 months from changes made by Good Habets – and this total will be the final invoiced amount, to a maximum of the original quote!

Some of the changes that you may see calculated in the 6-month payback:

  • Scheduling HVAC
    • Night time setbacks
    • “Off” Periods
    • Increasing “dead-bands”
  • Computer Settings Changes
  • Corrections to BAS controls
  • And many more…

After the report is delivered, Good Habets will be around to help guide any of the other possible changes that were suggested. 

You’ve decided to renovate your building or build a new one, and you’ve reached out to Good Habets Inc for HVAC engineering services. If you’ve worked with an engineering firm before, this might be different for you. Good Habets Inc will evaluate your project upfront and provide a firm quote based on the information we get from you – and we won’t deviate from it (except in very special circumstances). 

We’ll always start off a new project with a discussion about your goals for the building – and your priorities. Of course, if you want to prioritize efficiency, we know that that means a balance with first cost and building comfort. The good news is, we can often make all of these go hand in hand!

Once we decide to work together, we need your documentation on the building – anything from planners to architects to structural engineers. If we’re in the project early enough, we’ll happily discuss the HVAC and Energy needs with these other service providers, and this often gets you the best building!

We promise to follow through to the end of the project, we’ll be there for you, your team and your contractors the whole way.

Of course, all our work is stamped and insured.

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