What Is An Energy Audit For Commercial Properties?

And What is the benefit for your business?

Spoiler - it's money in your pocket

Your utility bills cost you money – obviously. And most business owners do the “obvious” stuff – try to get their employees to turn off computers at night, flick off the lights when they leave, etc. But an energy audit – specifically  one with a guaranteed 6 month payback – will find the other changes that are not so obvious but very worthwhile. You’ll be pocketing utility savings in 6 months, and you’ll know what to do when the time is right to save big money in the future. Plus your customers and employees will have a more comfortable space!

Converted Cubicles
Not just for super cool office spaces!
Good Habets will provide a painless energy audit for your commercial space, from a 2-person office to a 500-person building – and guarantee a 6 month payback.


But What Is An Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit is where a certified professional examines your building, its equipment and your energy usage for any possible cost savings from low hanging fruit through to major retrofits – and helps you make any necessary changes!

Good Habets Inc is a Certified Energy Auditor, a LEED BD+C professional, and a Licensed and Insured Engineer in Ontario. Trust us to make sure your building is as profitable as you can make it – with a guaranteed payback. Find out more here!

  1. The Energy Auditor will look over your energy bills and usage.
  2. The Energy Auditor will walk through the property, looking at the building and its equipment 
  3. The Energy Auditor will give you a report with recommendations for changes and rough paybacks
  4. Good Habets Exclusive: The Energy Auditor will make any no-cost changes to your building
  5. Good Habets Exclusive: The Energy Auditor will calculate your 6 month payback on the no-cost changes and ensure you only pay that much.

"I Just Want a Comfortable Building"

Of course! And that’s what your customers and your employees want as well. Good news! No good energy auditor will sacrifice comfort to save a few dollars. Good Habets Inc focuses on making the building work well first, low-hanging fruit second, and bigger changes third.

We work in the small business space – we know your priorities.  And we know those do include not giving all your money to Enbridge and Hydro Ottawa.

Plus, there are rebates available for a lot of projects, and Good Habets Inc can be your expert to find them. 

Why You'll Like Us

Good Habets Inc makes the process as simple as possible – and as touchless. Get a quote online, by email, by phone, or book an appointment. We’ll help you get the information we need painlessly, and we’ll set up a walkthrough at your convenience. 


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